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Warehousing Services


Jeavons Eurotir is one of the Midlands’ leading warehousing and bonded warehousing providers.

With our custom-made bonded warehousing system, which integrates pallet location system, FIFO (First In-

First Out) service, pick and pack, stock control, batch/expiry records, audit trail and many other features, we can provide you with a first-class service. We can also store most types of hazardous goods, including Class 1 explosives.

A high level of security is maintained for our bonded warehousing due to HMRC legisation, meaning that goods in general storage also benefit from this high security arrangement. We have extensive warehousing facilities available with secure CCTV surveillance, container devanning services and up to five tonnes lifting facility with a variety of modern forklift trucks.

Our purpose-built, state-of-the-art 30,000 sqft bonded warehouse boasts 24/7 security, two dock levellers and two other main door entrances, complete with overhead canopy to ensure our customers cargo is always handled in an efficient, well-lit, dry area.

We also operate a dry bonded warehousing facility.

All types of business can benefit from using bonded warehousing – from varied sectors such as the manufacturing industry and retailers, right through to pharmaceuticals and the automotive trade.

The bonded warehousing has now been fully operational for over eight years, bringing massive benefits to our customers who have already used this facility.

Using the bonded warehousing facility means that:

  • No duty is payable until goods are required and released from warehouse
  • No VAT is payable until goods are required and released from warehouse
  • Competitive storage charges for goods in bonded warehouse
  • Greater control over cash flow

We simplify and automate the day-to-day complexities of handling bonded goods, ensuring efficient compliance with HM Customs & Excise legislation, with a full suite of automatic daily and monthly reports relevant to a bonded operation. Stock accounts are held for all bonded stock and are managed according to strict regulations. This also applies to general warehousing as it is run through the same system.

All goods are stored under the RHA conditions of storage 2009. These can be downloaded from the top of the page.